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A good wine is first and foremost the harmonious marriage of sunwarmed soil and a high quality grape. On the estate at Mercurol these conditions are magnificently brought together thanks to the traditionnal winemarking process that is used.

Stéphane Cornu manages his 14 hectares of hillside vineyard himself. The 40 years old vines are the single-grape 100 % syrah. For ten years he produced his wine organically but ceased in 2008 following difficult weather conditions. However, he continues to cultivate his vines with the same knowledge and with respect for the land and surrounding countryside.

Cultivated on the draining and stony soil, his vines are harvested by hand and the grapes, ripened ine the shade of the vine sleaves, are harvested when just ripe on the end of the summer before being put into cement tank to allow thermal cooling. Over a three week period, the wine ferment at constant temperature bringing out the exceptional quality of its natural aroma and magnifying the essential quality of grape itself. The wine then develops in oak barrels for 12 months before being exported world wide as one of the best vintages produced in the northern Rhône Valley.

The truffle is an excellent product which is marrying perfectly with the wine, so it's naturally that Stephane Cornu is directed especially to truffle . For more information on this activity contact us.

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